19 Dec

Wooing Diners – Wonderland of SMS

In this day of ever growing technologically attracting customers especially Diners with great things to offer is the talk of the day. Selling through text messaging is easy, cost effective, easily reachable and very affordable to most of the population.

SMS campaigning takes up various shapes during various times to reach out customers.

  • Discount offers: Great way attract new customers and make them to have a eventful experience. Used to let know your customers your unique selling points and encourage them to refer your restaurants to their contacts.
  • Loyalty Points: There are people who have just fallen for your restaurants for various reasons and will be happy to continue to be your regulars. Identify those regulars and make specific loyalty programs and SMS to them mentioning special offers either by way of special discounts or offering additional items during specific events
  • Contests and Polls : This is another novel method to keep in touch with customers. Sending SMS to people who are in your list , a question to answer and enable them to enter into a draw and offering them special discounts or free meals and this becomes eventually an advertising of your restaurants.
  • Diners Opinions: SMS may also be used to acquire customers feedback on ambiance, food and service. Opinions are solicited and this makes your customers feel they are with us.
  • Keeping in Touch: Enabling customers not only on events or discounts but also on letting them know that you rock and create sense of mindful existence. Hosting special events for example musical nights or Food Seminars etc., inviting them and award them romantic experiences regularly. This will certainly be enabling everlasting relationship and a sense of growth to you.
Experience the Power of BULK MESSAGING !!!
04 Jul

Experience the Power of BULK MESSAGING !!!

People running their own business be it small or big want other people to know more about their brand and find it difficult to reach out to the masses in a short period.

AskmeSMS is one such solution to reaching out to the public quickly in just a single click! The perks of using AskmeSMS is that it sends bulk messages to people staying in any corner of the world without any hassle. Now there is no pain of advertising through flyers where a huge amount of time and work is invested, now all you have to do is customize your message the way you want and send it to hundreds in just a click where 95% of them are read. In just few seconds hundreds will come to know about your business or your brand and will have your phones ringing!

AskmeSMS is used in different domains where information needs to be conveyed quickly, some of the domains where AskmeSMS is used are finance where secure transaction updates need to be sent to the customers, food & hospitality where the best deals and offers are notified to the customers, education where hands-on intimations are sent to the parents, real estate where promos are sent to potential customers, retail shops where advertising is done, health where patients are notified about their check-ups and so on. AskmeSMS is a boon to entrepreneurs to establish themselves in today’s competitive environment and also notifying customers on the go, keeping them informed about the latest offers and deals. This is something that is needed in the current mobile age.

Some of the notable features that AskmeSMS has got to offer are that messages can be multilingual. Living in a diverse environment communication is an important factor and communicating to potential customers is vital, some of them may not understand the language we are speaking therefore this feature comes into play. It has various other features such as multi-channels, pull & push type communication etc. AskmeSMS is an ideal option to effectively reach out to customers and bring down high marketing charges. The ultimate goal is to help flourish the business of companies. Use this product of FinaTel and experience the power of bulk messaging.

Minimizing Efforts and Maximizing Efficiency with FinaTel!
04 Jul

Minimizing Efforts and Maximizing Efficiency with FinaTel!

This is what we the professionals at FinaTel focus on. Providing efficient solutions to the complex problems various companies put forth. Giving genuine service is all we do at FinaTel. We extend our services to myriad industries; some of them are Telecom, Manufacturing, Retail, Finance, Hospitality and IT Enterprises. We don’t just stop there we come up with innovative products for small or big businesses and help them expand their business, also giving them the ease to manage and promote their brand. Our products and services are end-user centric and concentrate on management, automation or enhancing user experience.

Elevate and transform your business especially if you have just started an interesting business then you should join hands with us, because we can help you reach out to the masses & make them aware of the amazing business you have in store. Also we help you manage your business in an efficient way and making you stand out in the competitive crowd. To compete in today’s internet driven or “the digitalized market”, businesses need dynamic solutions as with time you need to update and be market ready to prove your worth among the crowd.

We deliver solutions which enable instant collaboration and increased productivity without spiking IT costs. Get the ideal solutions for all your problems within your budget and experience the transformation that will happen in your business. We help you empower your business and gain market opportunities in a consistent manner. A ”yes!” to our service and you will not have to worry about the rest because we are a reliable group of experts who will speed-up, scale-up and accelerate your business and provide top-notch products that will bring you more loyal customers. We are a company based in India with global offices in Sri Lanka, UK and The Middle East. And cater for diverse industries some of them are Food Industry, Healthcare, Retail, Finance, Travel & Tourism, Manufacturing, IT Enterprise etc. Ping us today and we will guarantee you the best and authentic service that you will experience.